What can I expect if I am selected for a Site Visit?

The Site Visit

The site visit is an important step in the application process. It provides valuable insight into the funding request that can only be ascertained through direct discussions between Excelium Foundation and potential grantees. It is an opportunity for the Excelium Foundation Grant Committee to learn more about your organization, fully understand the scope of your project, and learn about the culture within your organization. Discussions during the site visit allow the Grant Committee and grant seekers to share experiences and knowledge, thus strengthening the proposal and establishing a stronger long term relationship.

A select number of organizations will be chosen for a site visit. The site visit does not infer a grant is forthcoming.

What is reviewed during a Site Visit?

  • The organization as a whole: Governance, administrative capacity, history, mission, fundraising activities and strategic plan.
  • Personnel: Levels of experience and qualifications of project staff, turnover rates, training opportunities, and volunteer commitment.
  • Facility: Location, physical space and layout, compliance with code, upkeep and cleanliness, equipment and supplies, furniture, andconfidentiality of records and files.
  • Program: Geographic area served, number and demographics of proposed program, stated goals and objectives, activities of grant inrelation to on-going services, evaluation and outcome measures, internal and external review processes, staff accountability,duplication of services, networking in the community, and documentation of activities.
  • Financial: Current operating budget, program budget, fundraising costs, operational expenses, indirect costs, and recent audit.
  • Other: Are there other sources of funding for the proposed project? Is the budget realistic and is it sufficient to achieve the projectgoals? Does the request meet the mission and current funding priorities of Excelium Foundation?