Who can apply for a grant?
We make grants to organizations classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3), (4), (6) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code; K-12 publicor private schools, charter schools, community/junior colleges, state/private colleges or universities; and church or other faith-basedorganizations with a proposed project that benefits the community at large.
All our grants mustbenefit the geographic focus of Excelium Foundation. Learn more about grant eligibility.
Do you accept unsolicited requests?
What is the application process?
Our application process begins when you submit an application using our online grant system. After yousubmit your application, it isreviewedby Foundation staff and the Grants Committee. This group will select those grants that merit an on-sitevisit. Foundation staff will contact those organizations selected to schedule an on-site visit. Once all on-site visits are completed, fundingrecommendations will be made to the Foundation Board. The Foundation Board will make final funding decisions. Organizations will benotified of decisions via email. All funding decisions are final. Learnmore aboutour application process ingreater detail.
Do you provide grants to individuals?
What type of projects do you fund?
Our current funding strategy supports those organizationswhich provide services within our focus areas of leadership development,economic security, human achievement, and healthy communities. Learn more about what we fund.
What geographic areas do you fund?
Please contact Foundation staff for current areas of geographic focus.
Do you support direct service projects?
Yes. Many of our grants are made in support of direct services projects.
Do you provide general operating support?

We rarely provide general operating support. ContactFoundation staff before submitting an application for general operating support.

Do you support capital requests?

We do not support capital requests. A request for capital support would have to fully aligned with the Foundation’s mission and vision and our currentstrategy. Please contact Foundation staff before submitting anapplication for general operating support.

Do you sponsor events?
We have limited funds available each year and do not accept unsolicited sponsorship requests. If you are interested in discussing thepossibility of event sponsorship, please contact Foundation staff.
What are your submission deadlines?
We accept applications on specified dates using our online grant system.
If your organizations proposed project matches our mission and vision and our current funding priorities,please contact Foundation staff.
How long does it take for a grant request to be approved?
The entire grant making process can take 3-4 months (from submission of application, review, site visit, final decision of Foundation Board,and notification of funding decision), so please plan ahead accordingly.
May an organization submit multiple applications during a funding cycle?
No. An organization may only submit one application during each funding cycle and may only receive one grant per funding year.
What is the average amount and duration of your grants?

The Foundation does not pre-determine funding levels. Grants can range from a few hundred to more than $100,000. Applicants request the amount that meets the needs of the program at a level consistent with the organization’s capacity and other anticipated support. The amounts we award depend on the scope and scale of the project. When determining the size of an award, we consider factors such as the size of the total project budget, the amount of support the project is receiving from other sources, and the size of the organizations annual operating budget.

Grants awarded are typically in the $10,000 – $25,000 range.

Only one application may be submitted from each organization during the funding cycle and an organization may only receive one grant per year.

Generally, grants are made for one year, although they may be longer (given program priorities). Unless specifically notified differently by the Foundation, applicants may apply for continued support of a previously funded project.

We rarely act as the sole funder of a project. We strongly encourage applicants to explore a variety of individual, government and private funding sources.

What is the likelihood of receiving a grant?

The Foundation receives numerous proposals each funding cycle. Even though a proposal may fit the Foundation’s mission and fundingpriorities, it may not be funded due to the volume of applications and limited resources. Although Foundation staff do not send written critiques for declined proposals, they will offer feedback upon request.

The examination of each proposal begins by looking at the alignment of the proposed project to the Foundation’s mission, the scope of collaboration, the level of the impact on the community and the program’s long-term sustainability. The projects that are ultimately funded are those that best address these expectations.

Excelium Foundation recognizes the considerable time and effort that goes into preparing a grant application and wants to help you avoid unnecessary work. Communication with Foundation staff is an important part of the grant application and review process.

If you have not already talked with Foundation staff about the project for which you are seeking an Excelium Foundation grant, you are encouraged to do so prior to submitting an application. If you have questions or need additional information as you work on your grant application, please contact Foundation staff.

Where does your money come from?

Excelium Foundation, Inc. was established in 2015 and receives funding from Excelium Holdings LLC, Excelium International Inc., ExceliumManagement LLC, Excelium Media LLC, and Excelium Research LLC.

Will a grant always be for the full amount I request?

Not necessarily. We may award a grant for less than the requested amount.When reviewing a request, we consider a number of factors,including the reasonableness of thesupplied budgetbased on the project’s goals and duration, as well as the resources needed toaccomplish those goals.

The government just cut funding for our program. Can we apply for your help to fill the gap”?

No. We do not make grants to replace government funding.

Is your grantmaking process competitive?

Yes. The process is highly competitive. Annually, we receive requests for support that far exceed the amount of funding we have availablefor that year.

What are some examples of programs you currently fund?

You can find out about our latest grants awarded in the Excelium Foundation Newssection of our website.

Can my organization withdraw an application currently under consideration?

Yes. We realize that sometimes situations arise that prevent a proposed project from moving forward, like new executive leadership, alteredorganizational priorities, or funding cuts. Please contact Foundation staff to discuss thesituation, so we candetermine the mostappropriate next steps together.

What are my responsibilities as a grantee?

Our grantees are required to submit reports at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the grant period, as well as a final report at the end ofthe grant. These reports describe the progress you’ve madetoward achieving the projects statedgoals. They also detail how the budgetedfundshave been spent.

If I know members of your Board of Directors or Grants Committee, may I contact them to discuss my request?

No. Members of the Board of Directors and Grants Committee refer all calls regarding requests toFoundation staff. Contacting members of the Foundation Board or Grants Committee will not increase your chances of receiving funding and is not theapproved or appropriate way to apply for a grant.