Is my organization eligible?

Eligibility Checklist

  • Organizations should be operating within the geographic focus of Excelium Foundation. For geographic limitations, please contactFoundation staff.
  • All requests must fit within Excelium Foundations focus areas: Leadership Development, Economic Security, Human Achievement orHealthy Communities. (The Foundation, at its discretion, may consider proposals outside the stated focus areas.)
  • Organizations must meet the following criteria:
    • An organization holding a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3), (4), (6) or (19) of the Internal Revenue Code;
    • A K-12 public or private school, charter school, community/junior college, state/private college or university; or
    • A church or other faith-based organization with a proposed project that benefits the community at large.

Areas Funded

  • Collaborative Projects
  • Capacity Building Grants
  • Program Support
  • General Operating Support
  • Matching Support
  • Pilot Projects and Seed Money
  • Capital Projects (funding is limited)

Projects we do not fund

  • Projects that fall outside the Foundations mission
  • Projects that fall outside the Foundations funding priorities
  • Projects that do not provide direct benefit in the geographical areas of interest of the Foundation
  • Direct support to individuals
  • Support for political campaigns or lobbying activities
  • Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes

Funding Exclusions

The Foundation will not accept requests for the following:

  • Athletic sponsorship (teams/events)
  • Contests, pageants, and tickets for contests, raffles, or any other activity with prizes
  • In-kind donation requests, including requests for gift cards
  • Nationally-sponsored organizations, including: American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, Children’s Miracle Network and United Way
  • Memberships, including association/chamber memberships
  • Organizations that deny service, membership or other involvement on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, age,national origin, ancestry, citizenship, veteran, or disability status
  • Organizations or programs that do not benefit the communities within the geographical focus of the Foundation
  • Organizations whose programming or policies may position Excelium Foundation in a negative light
  • Organizations whose services do not benefit the community at large
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations or campaigns
  • Projects that send products or people to foreign countries or on domestic travel
  • Registration fees