Who Serves on the Foundation Board?

Sushma Chhabra
Mrs. Chhabra is the President of the Board of Directors of Excelium Foundation. As the family matriarch, she continues to stay the course on the family philosophy established more than three generations ago. The company builds on the legacy of entrepreneurial stewardship and the ethos of philanthropy. In fact, 11% of all profits are given to charity. Mrs. Chhabra unites the Excelium Foundation under the guiding principles of the way she approaches philanthropy: continuing to do good throughout the world.
Michael Chhabra
Mr. Chhabra is Chief Operating Officer at Excelium Group. He directly manages, advises, designs and executes the operations plan for the company with particular emphasis within the legal domain. He has been instrumental in the design and implementation of policies and procedures that allowed for the growth and expansion of Excelium. Mr. Chhabra believes in the concept of Karma and how important it is to give back to society. He uses his vision of philanthropy and legal acumen in his role as Vice President of the Excelium Foundation Board of Directors.

Sabina Faruqui
Ms. Faruqui is Senior Vice President of Excelium Group. She has expertise in payroll, employee benefits, start-up companies, entrepreneurship and marketing. Ms. Faruqui utilizes these skills in her role as Secretary of the Excelium Foundation Board of Directors.
Diane Sugimoto
Ms. Sugimoto is Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder of the Excelium Group. She is a Florida licensed Certified Public Accountant with over 35 years in managerial and financial accounting, banking relations, operations design and analysis. Ms. Sugimoto has expertise in all major financial transactions, including: acquisitions, partnerships and investments. Ms. Sugimoto utilizes her financial skills in her role of Treasurer of the Excelium Foundation Board of Directors.
Amy Caroll
Ms. Carroll is Chief Human Resources Officer of the Excelium Group. She has expertise in research, education, customer service, entrepreneurship, team building and finance. Ms. Carroll utilizes her skills in her role on the Excelium Foundation Board of Directors.