How will my application be evaluated?

Evaluation Criteria

The proposal demonstrates a real need or problem along with an urgency for resolution. Geographic and demographic data are used appropriately. The proposal follows a logical progression of ideas. The proposal follows the guidelines of the Request for Proposals. (15 points)
The proposed concept is innovative and is not redundant with other projects. The project uses emerging technologies. (5 points)
The proposal has clear objectives and measurable outcomes. The methodologies, approaches, and strategies are realistic, reasonable, effective and outcome-oriented. (15 points)
The work plan and implementation steps will solve the problem and/or accomplish the task. The steps are consistent with the methodology. (10 points)
The human resource allocation to the project is appropriate and includes staff qualified to carry out the goals. (5 points)
The organization has included the most recent operating budget and financial statements demonstrating it is in a sound financial position. The project budget provided presents an analysis indicating the resources being requested, combined with other funders, are adequate to successfully complete the project. The organization is providing in-kind contributions, matching funds, or revenue from other sources. The overall value of the project is high. (15 points)
The organization has provided a compelling case that successful completion of the project will have a significant impact on the target population. The project is sustainable after funding has ended. The project model is replicable in other communities. The project fits with the Foundations priorities and parameters. (15 points)
The organization has presented evidence, such as a track record of achievements, that it has the capabilities to successfully carry out the project. Stakeholders, partners, clients, beneficiaries, and funders will participate in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the project. There are new or expanded partnerships created in the collaborative approach. (10 points)
There is a solid and realistic plan to evaluate the project. The results of the project will be appropriately disseminated. (10 points)