What are the focus areas for Excelium Foundation?

Focus Areas

Excelium Foundation believes there are four essential ingredients to a vibrant community: leadership development, economic security,human achievement, and healthy communities. Our focus for funding is concentrated on these essential ingredients.

Leadership Development

Leadership is the most important ingredient to building a stronger community. It is the critical foundation for community success and the engine that pulls the train. Effective leadership is vital to addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. By strengthening the capacity of individuals and organizations, we can effect long-term impact on the social, economic and environmental well-being of the community.

Economic Security

Economic security serves as the catalyst for addressing the root cause of social problems within communities.Successful economic development programs and policies will create an infrastructure of facilities, a trained workforce, andcollaboration between the private sector (business), the public sector (government), and the civic sector (foundations and non- profits).When these elements come together, jobs are created, the family unit is strengthened, and neighborhoods are revitalized.

Human Achievement

Education is the backbone of economic security and human achievement. Education creates the skillsnecessary to prepare individuals for employment opportunities and the ability to sustain themselves and their families. Individualsremain competitive and vibrant as new skills are learned and knowledge is gathered. Education must begin at an early age andcontinue throughout a lifetime of learning.

Healthy Communities

Being able to access health care, buy nutritious food, and obtain adequate housing is essential to buildingand sustaining healthy communities. People in a healthy community feel safe, well informed, and have the power to make betterchoices. Healthy communities are built on the vectors of health, economic success, safety of the environment, level of educationalattainment, and strength of the families.